An Ode to Bananas

If you follow a plant-based diet, you have probably heard of a certain Youtube vegan celebrity who calls herself the “banana girl.” Just browse Instagram vegan hashtags and you’ll find that bananas seem to be a cornerstone of the high-carb vegan lifestyle.

For years, I completely eschewed bananas as a boring, oddly-textured fruit that had no place in my diet. Since coming to college, I’ve developed an uncharacteristic appreciation for these tropical gems.

Bananas, due to their higher carbohydrate content, are filling and provide more long lasting energy than other citrus fruits or berries. They are loaded with potassium, essential for regulating electrolyte balance, and fiber to keep you full.

My meal plan usually leaves me with many leftover banana “sides” that I cannot consume the day of. So, I let them ripen on my desk until they are spotty and super sweet! I’ll enjoy one with cinnamon and peanut butter before my morning gym routine, or as an evening snack while I finish up homework. You can also freeze a couple of bananas and blend to make “nice-cream,” a plant-based alternative to ice cream that is every ounce as creamy, sweet, and satisfying- without the added fats and preservatives.

Bananas are an easy way to thicken a smoothie or add body to oatmeal. Their fiber will absorb more water during digestion to sustain you through a long day and help ward off mindless snacking. Their natural sugars satisfy my sweet tooth, so I’m not tempted to reach for a more processed sugary treat!

However you choose to incorporate more of this superfruit into your diet, you’re bound to reap the benefits of one of nature’s finest creations! Go bananas!


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